Thoughts for Reflection.

Each of us has a sense of self and it is important we do not lose ourselves in this busy world. Take time each day to reconnect to your inner self, to go into the quiet and cast away any trials and tribulations and find your inner calm. When in a relationship, give your all but remember a relationship is a union of two individuals who seek to share not to merge into one. Each individual can bring their own creativity and inspiration to any relationship.

In such a huge world many people feel that they are minute and inconsequential. But if you were to throw a tiny pebble into a pond you will see that the ripples will become ever increasing circles. Each of us can be a pebble and we can make a movement on the world that spreads ever wider. Think of it this way. If you were to do a good deed for four other people and each of them were to follow your example and do a good deed for four others, how soon would your initial tiny ripples spread ever wider. So take the time to choose your good deed wisely and watch the ripples spread.

Often when we think of giving gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, we think of giving gifts such as rings, necklaces, perfume, chocolates or cds. Why not think out of the box the next time you have to give a gift. Here are some gifts that you could give to a friend or a loved one.
1) Your healing thoughts. They may be low or ill at the moment, spend a few moments sending out thoughts of healing.
2) Your touch. Putting your arm around a loved one;s shoulder, or holding their hand to show you care.
3) Your understanding. No one is perfect and we should try to understand that each and every one of us carries baggage from our lives and it is this that makes us who we are.
4) Your acceptance. Accept your loved one for who they are and accept their flaws. If you try to change them then they wont be the person you fell in love with.
5) Your time. Spend time with your loved one. It doesn't have to be at a posh restaurant or expensive hotel just being together and sharing things on the sofa can be magical.
All of these gifts cost you nothing, but can be priceless.

I sat by a pool today and as the sun shone it showed my reflection upon the water. As I gazed at the face that stared back at me I noticed the wrinkles on my forehead, I noticed the scar upon my right cheek and I noticed how my left eye looks to one odd and out of place. But rather than be upset by these images, I actually rejoice in them. The wrinkles on my forehead are caused by the many times I have laughed over the years and I would rather have them than a smooth face that has never known laughter. When I see the scar on my cheek it brings back happy memories of a carefree childhood and I would rather have a face that is scarred through adventure than one which is smooth from fear of trying new things. My eye looks odd because I was blinded in said eye by a childhood disease but I still have a one good eye and I would rather have one eye that sees into the depths of people to find their true self than have two eyes which see nothing but the surface of people.

When I awoke this morning I gave thanks. Firstly for having a wife who's love helps me through life's trials and tribulations. Secondly, for the fact I have good health despite the odd aches and pains. Thirdly for having a career which makes a difference to people. When you wake up tomorrow, what will you be thankful for?

When you reflect on your day, try not to reflect just on the words you said or the deeds you did. Think also of the thoughts you have had. Thoughts can be just as powerful as words or deeds for if they are negative they can sometimes eat you up inside. Before you retire to bed each night, open up a box and place inside all of your negative thoughts and emotions and ask that whilst you sleep they be taken away so that when you awake you will be refreshed and ready to face the new day.