The witnesses watch as the couple take solemn vows
which will last for eternity, not just the here and now.
A few minutes this day will stretch in to many years
full of much happiness and yes, perhaps a few tears.
But whatever happens their love will see them through
Whilst growing deeper, stronger and ever more true.
A symbol of this love is a golden wedding ring
which when exchanged, treasured hopes will bring
as two hearts unite and entwine together as one
beating in harmony and growing ever more strong.

With undying love a ring is both given and received
yet this sweet tender moment sows but a tiny seed
in the garden of marriage where love will nourish
so that over the years it will continue to flourish.
Like the garden a marriage needs lots of tender care
for it will not bloom well if two people do not share
the effort of nurturing and tending it day by day
helping to see it grow in strength come what may.

This marriage is rooted deep in love’s precious soil
it will surely deepen and grow as this couple toil
for the many days, months and years that lie ahead
so only the brightest blooms grow in the flowerbed.
Marriage has seasons, winter gloom and summer sun
varied times of heartache and pain, happiness and fun
but being together and knowing that someone cares
mean that whatever happens, things are easier to bear.

This couple are blessed with a love not all can find
they should cherish it forever as it will surely bind
their hearts, minds and souls together for evermore
if nothing else, of that you can be certain and sure.
Love beats within the heart of this loving couple
and it will ensure they should avoid times of trouble
by never going to sleep when each day is through
without always saying to one another I Love You.


Golden cherubs are sent from heaven above
to do God’s work, all in the name of love.
They roam our world by night and day
searching for lonely hearts to guide the way
to where true love blossoms for one and all
if you listen carefully and answer their call.

It was a warm and breezy summer’s night
when Nicola and Richard first caught sight
as they met their hearts began to pound
the sweet aroma of love hung all around.
The cherubs shot arrows straight and true
right into the hearts of them both they flew.

Cherubs planted love’s seed within two hearts
but for Nicola and Richard this is just the start.
They have planted seeds in life’s tender soil,
ready to grow and thrive as they lovingly toil
for the many months and years that lie ahead
so that beauty blooms brightly in the flowerbed.

As you experience winter gloom and summer sun
times of tears and sadness, happiness and fun.
The cherubs will chase away the clouds and rain,
they bring a soothing balm to ease away the pain.
Nicola and Richard, this deep love you both share
will always unite you and make life easier to bear.

Nicola, Richard the cherubs say remember this
the arrow they shot scored a direct hit, not a miss.
Know you are blessed with a love not all can find
cherish it daily, for used wisely it will surely bind
your hearts together whatever may come your way
growing stronger and stronger each and every day.

Cherubs don’t desert couples who’ve felt their blow
they watch from aloft as the love continues to grow
whispering advice softly and gently into your ears
helping to ensure there are more smiles than tears.
Heed the cherubs’ words and you can’t go wrong
and your love for each other will be forever strong.

Nicola, Richard the cherubs want to say these things
as you seal your undying love, by exchanging rings.
Work as a team, no matter what may come your way
share life’s trials and tribulations each and every day.
And as darkness beckons and another day is through
hold each other close and whisper softly – I Love You.


Sam, James when you met no-one knew
that today you would share vows so true
making promises that are tender and pure
to keep love’s light burning for evermore.

Your life will have good times and bad,
tears you shed will be both happy and sad.
Trials and tribulations will come your way
but your love will keep the darkness at bay.

Sam, James as you each give and take a ring
know the great responsibility this act brings.
For the circle has no beginning and no end
the metal brings a strength that will not bend.

Whilst individuals you must work together
to work through all kinds of life’s weather.
Laugh and smile in sunshine, cry in the rain
hold each other close be it in joy or pain.

Soon you will share your first married kiss
a moment none here would want to miss.
For that moment when tender lips touch
symbolises to the world so very very much.

For your shared love radiates so very clear
and we know it will keep you both ever near,
distance may keep you both sometimes apart
but only physically, never ever in your hearts.

Some will never know a love like you share
they will never have anyone show they care.
So never take each other for granted or forget
how your lives changed when you first met.

Remember your lives are about give and take
helping each other, the right decisions to make.
Work as a team whatever may come your way
speaking up when you have something to say.

Sam, James I have just one final thing to say
as you celebrate this your very special day.
To keep your flame burning bright and true
always end the day by whispering I Love You.


Laura, Pete we gather to witness your special day
when you both have the opportunity to finally say,
the vows that show each other how much you care
and how your lives together you both wish to share.

You have shared so much together over the years
expressed to one another your deep hopes and fears.
Step by step your love has deepened and bloomed
and now you face one another as bride and groom.

Cherish these moments today they won't last long
but the memories will keep you both forever strong.
For today is merely a chapter in your book of life
and you have many to write as husband and wife.

As you exchange vows your hands gently touch
and this simple gesture means so very very much.
It shows the world of the love you both share
and it lays the deepest of emotions so very bare.

Shortly you will both give and receive a ring
your hopes will soar and your hearts will sing.
Treasure it's warmth and most loving touch
remember the circle symbolizes so very much.

A final act here is for you both to share a kiss
something no one here would want to miss.
For it shows just how precious is this day
and speaks so much more than words can say.

Later the two of you will share your first dance
and this is yet another most precious chance,
to share something so unique to the two of you
that binds you together in love so very true.

Step by step as you leave this special place
your hearts will beat proudly and pulses race.
Each step sees you embark on your new life
live long together in love, as husband and wife.


The journey of love is full of twists, turns and varied paths to take,
and as you travel along its route there are many decisions to make.
We are gathered to witness one of the most important here today,
as Sarah and Sian have some very momentous words to say.

Today two forks in the road join together to become a single one
where true love strengthens, deepens and becomes ever more strong.
This path ventures through mountains high and valleys which are low
but at each and every step their love for one another will always grow.

Their journey of love has had more than its share of ups and downs
many times of happiness and smiles, but also of sadness and frowns.
But they have always been there for one another throughout the years
supporting one another in new ventures, helping overcome any fears.

Dark storm clouds may gather as they walk along their path together
but their deep love will forever shine through whatever the weather,
May the winds of harmony always blow away the darkness and rain
ensuring sunshine comes to bring it's warmth and an easing of pain.

Sarah, Sian you are embarking upon a journey not all get to do
so all we ask is that to one another you always be faithful and true.
Work together to overcome any problems which may come your way
and always try to show your love for one another each and every day.

You will very soon be taking your first steps together as man and wife
to commence together what we are sure will be a deeply loving life.
I speak for all of us gathered today as I wish you both the very best
and we know your deep love for each other will overcome any test.

As your new future dawns and you go forward step by step, day by day,
always be sure to show each other how much you care come what may.
My one tip is that as darkness beckons and yet another day is through
always make time to do something that says to each other – I Love You.


Jane and Peter gather before friends and family
on this most special of occasions for one and all to see,
the exchanging of rings and vows, deep from the heart
as a new stage of their lives they prepare to start.

They ask you to witness all that happens here today
the acts performed and the many words they say.
Share with them the deep joy they both feel
as symbolically the bells of love sing out and peel.

But whilst today is important and means so very much
as so many hearts and minds it does deeply touch,
it is but a few hours within an autumn day
and there is so much to come Sam and Ollie’s way.

Know that life is not always about taking the easy path
or just enjoying yourselves and having a laugh,
for the road may have obstacles and be very rough
you may feel burdened and find things so very tough.

But it’s at these times that true love shines so bright
drawing strength from each other both day and night,
always supporting one another through thick and thin
being there for one another whatever life may bring.

Jane, Peter know that today is all about the two of you
but as you walk the path ahead one thing you must do,
is to remember those whom you have responsibility for
as their continued happiness is a priority, that’s for sure.

Soon the two of you will exchange your wedding bands
you will place them lovingly on one another’s hands,
they are a symbol of your love so deep and true
but it must be worked upon for it to stay true.

Talking to one another and being willing to share
doing those little things unasked, showing you care,
these keep a marriage fulfilling and always strong
not silly cards, flowers or having a favourite song.

So as you embark on the next stage of life together
be prepared to face all different types of weather,
Enjoy the laughter and sunshine when all is calm
ride out the storms, with love as a healing balm.

Jane, Peter the final words I wish to impart to you
is to ask that each day there is something you do,
share your thoughts on the events of that day
and you will grow ever stronger, come what may.


Marriage is not about two people becoming one but rather the union of two people wanting to commit to a relationship of mutual respect and love, two people with their own identities and interests, who wish to share them with someone special.

Marriage is not about grand romantic gestures, but about the little things that mean so much. Like running a bath for your loved one after a hard day, or cooking their favourite meal to show how much you care or watching a film that you don’t like because your other half happens to love it.

Marriage is not about being afraid of silence, but about being willing to talk about what is troubling you, wanting to share your hopes and fears, and being willing to communicate on a daily basis with one another.

Marriage is not about appearing strong physically, but about having strength of character. For the hug that shows you are there for each other, for the strength you show for each other and for the united front you show when in adversity.

Marriage is not about big expressions in public places, but the touching of hands that show you care, or the smile that shows your love, or the wink that conveys a message known only to the two of you.

Marriage is not always about having exciting times, but about making even the humdrum days that little bit more special, about appreciating each other on dull days, or reminiscing when times are particularly hard.

Marriage is not about always having good times, but being there to support each other in the bad, about holding each other close without having to say anything or crying together when times are sad.

Marriage is not about mutual physical attraction, but about emotional attraction, about a bond of love that grows daily and about two souls uniting together.

Marriage is not about what one can receive from the other, but about what each can give to the other, about what each can learn from the other and how each can help the other to grow.

Finally, marriage is not just about a wedding day, but about each day that follows, each day supporting one another and most importantly each day showing one another how much you care.