Mum, you gave us both so very much
with loving deeds and gentle touch,
guiding us each step of the way
there for us whatever came our way.

Mum, you sacrificed so much for us
without ever making any fuss,
you put yourself last in the line
always making sure others were fine.

Mum, you gave a piece of your heart
ensuring we shall never be apart,
you live within us so forever strong
giving us strength when nights are long.

Mum, your advice you often shared
showing us just how much you cared,
always teaching us right from wrong
yet knowing when to hold your tongue.

Mum, you made us who we are today
supporting us in a myriad of ways,
you didn’t always agree with us
but supported decisions without fuss.

Mum. you touched many a life
as friend, mother, confidante, wife,
always knowing the right thing to do
getting others out of many a stew.

Mum, your wisdom so often shared
little touches showed you cared,
we’ve inherited some of your ways
with us they shall always stay.

Mum, your illness took so much
but your spirit could never touch,
you bravely faced this terrible foe
with courage even when feeling low.
Mum, you fought right to the end
your resolve never wavered nor bent,
you kept strong through good and bad
cherishing each single moment you had.

Mum, so many memories you’ve made
and these shall never ever fade,
but live on in both words and deeds
you planted so many precious seeds.

Mum, we now return you to God above
we say goodbye with our deepest love,
know you’ll live forever in our hearts
and from there shall never part.


During your life you gave many special gifts
like calming words to help heal bitter rifts,
reaching out to others with outstretched hands
backing those in need when they’re taking a stand.

A listening ear for those who would need to talk
company when required on an emotional walk,
guidance and wisdom for any one of us in need
understanding when we didn’t always take heed.

You gave much time to each and every one of us
bringing calm where others are making a fuss,
seeking to find new ways in which to mend
broken hearts and minds, like a true friend.

Often you would plant a tiny inspirational seed
to bring hope and knowledge to those in need,
guiding us gently upon the right path to take
supporting whatever decisions we would make.

You were there every time we had to seek
support due to feeling helpless or weak,
embracing us in strong welcoming arms
helping us feel safe from trouble and harm.

You had your faults but then don’t we all
but they aren’t important as today we recall,
how you gave so much more than you took
stepping in whenever anyone became stuck.
Now you’ve gone your life we must weigh
and in doing so we are delighted to say,
your good far far outweighed your bad
you brought more happy times than sad.

Today as we grieve, cry and feel bereft
we’re comforted by memories you’ve left,
they will bring hope when times are bad
and uplift us whenever we feel down or sad.


I remember clearly your loving touch
and how it always meant so much,
the feel of your hand enclosing mine
making me feel how all would be fine.
How you were always on my side
during the ebbs and flows of life’s tide,
I miss your touch each day my dear
but I know you will always be near.

I remember the fragrance you wore
alas you can’t wear it anymore,
sometimes if I feel alone and blue
I smell the bottle and think of you.
As I go through each and every day
many familiar aromas come my way,
some bring a favourite memory of you
and I recall our love so deep and true.

I remember you had a favourite song
and sometimes you would sing along,
the words bring back special thoughts
of the wisdom and lessons you taught.
I hear your voice as I drift to sleep
whispering comforting words to keep,
you close to me and deep in my heart
knowing we are never ever far apart.

I remember how I always loved to see
you returning home each night to me,
but sadly this will never occur again
this brings me tears of grief and pain.
But sometimes I glimpse sight of you
doing those things you often used to do,
your presence brings such comfort to me
at least now you’ve been set free.

I remember things you made me try
a tear creeping softly from my eye,
foods you’d encourage me to taste
you so hated the thought of waste.
Different tastes bring memories of you
the special things we would both do,
as I sit thinking of your favourite things
deep down my heart rejoices and sings.


Your life ebbed away like tides upon the sands
death beckoned gently with outstretched hands,
tears flowed from us as you slowly slipped away
we had always dreaded the coming of this day.

We feel so battered, torn and broken in two
as we have to say our sad goodbyes to you,
but deep within each of our beating hearts
we somehow know we are never far apart.

They say time helps to slowly heal the pain
how people learn to laugh and smile again,
we sincerely hope that this is so very true
but today our pain is too great at losing you.

When we rose today with the beckoning dawn
our hearts were heavy, we prepared to mourn
a life taken, a person we would see no more
death took a hand then softly closed the door.

But for today we shall surely celebrate instead
uplifted by all the words which will be said,
weeping tears of joy, as we remember much
memories shared from lives you often touched.

Your favourite music fills the silent room
replacing sadness and deepening gloom,
with the uplifting beauty of the sunshine
bringing hope we will one day all be fine.

But your loving legacy truly doesn’t end today
many will remember words you used to say,
also how you carried out many a selfless deed
always a thoughtful friend to anyone in need.

As we leave today we take a piece of you
fond memories of the person we all knew,
who touched our lives in many special ways
often guiding each of us gathered here today.


We gather together to say our goodbyes
people gently sob, tears flow from eyes
grief tears at hearts so new and raw
each feels they will smile no more.

Music plays the ceremony must begin
the coffin is brought respectfully in
there is so much people need to say
on this sad yet most poignant day.

There lies a single fragrant wreath
people are united together in grief
hands clasp hands in tearful unity
knowing this ceremony has to be.

Special, poignant songs are listened to
helping everyone try to get through
a ceremony which is breaking hearts
as from a loved one we must now part.

Personal memories are reflected on
as individuals takes comfort in song
words will never really be able to say
how they touched them in some way

Readings are spoken by someone dear
bringing to life memories for all to hear
for whilst their loved one is sadly gone
in hearts they will live forever on.

A final piece of haunting music starts
those gathered, slowly begin to depart
a final tearful glance back as they leave
silently remembering whilst they grieve.


Your love will always shine so bright
particularly in the approaching of night
I know you will still be forever near
helping to ease my worries and fears.

You are now lost from my physical sight
but I know you are somewhere and alright
I will sometimes recall your favourite song
and it will give me strength to carry on.

I will shed tears when recalling you
and all the special things we used to do
but I know in time I will smile again
memories bringing me joy not pain.

The cycle of life sees us born then sadly die
body cremated or in an eternal grave lie
but the essence of us will always live on
in hearts recalled in the words of a song.

Lessons you taught stood me in good stead
you gave guidance from books you had read
your support was there when I was in need
planting hope and inspiration like a tiny seed.

Often I will talk over memories of you
recalling the things you often did do
each of the unique times spent with you
and how you stayed so honest and true.

When I face the darkness of the night
I know everything is going to be alright
for you shall be there right by my side
easing the ebb and flow of life’s tide.


They nourished and nurtured us through the years
wiped our dirty bums and rubbed away our tears,
helped guide us as we walked our uncertain path
shared sad times but also our smiles and laughs.

As children they nurtured us like a tiny seed
as we grew they helped us to fulfil our needs.
taught us so much of what we needed to know
gently feeding us the love we needed to grow.

Like fledgling chicks they nourished us each day
protecting and supporting us, come what may,
till we were ready to begin to spread our wings
to explore the world and experience new things.

They helped us to get through our terrible teens
guided through tantrums, arguments and scenes,
till we blossomed into adults in our own right
and began to develop our own individual light.

When we flew the nest they remained close by
watching over us as many new things we tried,
always there as a source of support and advice
for their mature years made them worldly wise.

Over the years since birth they gave so much
our hearts and minds they so deeply did touch,
sacrifices were made for us each and every day
we can only imagine, for they would never say.

Parents can be the most important part of life
some may say more so than a husband or wife,
for they are partly responsible for who we are
without them we may never have got this far.

So with deep sadness we must say goodbye
we grieve, as sadly it became their time to die,
but they live on in those who are left behind
and within us all a piece of them we’ll find.

As we remember their life and all they did do
recall the love they gave, so deep and so true
it will continue on through the coming years
bringing you strength wherever there are tears.

So whenever any help or advice is to be sought
send your request as a deeply loving thought,
they will return their guidance in a subtle way
for they still watch over us, each and every day.


We gather here on this most special of days
for it is time for a parting of the ways,
each of you will leave here this world to roam
whilst God has called Bernadetta to return home.

She asks you not to mourn her, dry your tears
celebrate her life, recall how she overcame fears,
and lived a rewarding life that was always full
of much love and joy, and it remains so still.

Her passing does not break those ties that bind
for if you look within your heart you will find,
she resides there in your memories and thoughts
as do all of the interesting things that she taught.

When you think of Bernadetta smile do not frown
let memories of her uplift you, not get you down.
Think of the hot summer days not the winter rain
times of joy and happiness not heartache and pain.

She may have slipped from sight but is still here
and please know that she will always be near,
for she is but a simple thought or smile away
trust this will always be so, come what may.

When your sea lies peaceful, silent and calm
Bernadetta brings love, like a soothing balm.
But when it’s choppy, you’re tossed around
may her wisdom and love always be found.

As you prepare to say goodbye go on your way
dry your tears reflect on this emotional day,
know for certain her last breath wasn’t the end
it was but a fork in the road, a curve, a bend.

Berndetta’s journey through life continues on
like the beautiful words of an everlasting song.
She may, like the moon, be temporary out of sight
but she will often return in the depths of the night.

When you think of Bernadetta every now and again
let her memory bring sunshine to replace the rain,
whisper softly to her the words you want to say
safe in the knowledge, you’ll meet again someday.


Dad, I loved you more than words can say
You stood by and supported me every day.
If I needed help you were always there,
your death leaves me a burden to bear.

Over time my broken heart will start to heal
slowly ever slowly will ease the pain I feel,
a piece of my heart will always be with you
our bond of love will remain forever true.

You were there in good times and in bad
Supporting me in happy times and sad,
My anchor as I sailed the sea of life
A rock of support in times of strife.

In my life you had many roles to play
And I found strength in you each day.
You were a teacher throughout the years
You taught me to stand up to my fears.

A guide who taught me right from wrong
And showed me how to remain strong,
An advocate who was always on my side
As I sometimes struggled against the tide.

A bank which was open night and day
With zero % interest for me to pay,
A boarding house should I be in need
The fridge filler should I need to feed.

The chauffer running me everywhere
One call and you would soon be there,
A wise guide available night and day
But allowing me to make my own way.

I am thankful you were a parent to me
you played this special role so perfectly,
The person I am is partly down to you
you taught me the right thing to do.

Now comes the time to say goodbye
I have many tears welling in my eyes
But these are of joy as well as sorrow
As I will no longer see you tomorrow.

But you will always be watching over me
I trust you will be proud of what you see,
For Dad I have always been proud of you
And loved you more than you ever knew.


We have come together today to remember our dear friend
her life was so full of joy and love but sadly it had to end.
It was a hard decision to have to put her peacefully to sleep
but she is in a better place now which much mischief to reap.
Special memories of her life will forever with us remain
and by knowing her, so much love were we able to gain.

She was always full of life and gave everyone so much joy
playing with other dogs, children and her much loved toys.
She loved getting out and about and going for a long walk
everyone who met her out and about would always talk,
about how friendly and lively was this little bundle of fun
and how she warmed their hearts like the summer sun.

She may have had four legs but she was like family to us
and she always loved to be given lots of attention and fuss.
She gave us so much love whilst wanting so little in return
and she was so cheeky it was hard when we had to be stern,
a single look would strike our hearts and anger would melt,
calm would be restored and love once more would be felt.

So now the time has come to lay her ashes to their final rest
and we bade a tearful farewell to one of the very very best.
But she has left many memories for those of us left behind
and she will never ever be out of our hearts or our minds.
The tears of pain we shed will eventually have their end
but now all we want to say is, Dinky, goodbye dear friend.