I heard a voice calling out to me
from where it came I cannot see,
but it was full of love and hope
teaching me how to live and cope.

The words were guidance not commands
as I navigate the ever shifting sands,
the tide of life a constant ebb and flow
creating a path upon which I could go.

Beneath my feet can be rocky ground
I tread carefully it’s not always sound,
for each step takes me to a new place
and this is a journey not a race.

I feel a guiding hand placed in mine
bringing reassurance all will be fine,
Ii is not physical but is still so real
for love of spirit I can truly feel.

Words from spirit whispered in my ear
helping to ease deep worries and fears,
replacing turbulence with a gentle calm
bringing a peaceful, gentle healing balm.

Thoughts turn often to those who’ve died
sadness at my loss many tears I’ve cried,
but my heart is lifted they aren’t truly gone
close by in spirit they continually live on.

Their presence when needed inspires me
even if I can only feel but sadly not see,
they have only slipped across the veil
and with their love I cannot really fail.


Give the gift of healing this day
Send a soothing calming ray,
To both strangers and to friends
By word, deed or thoughts you send.

Give the gift of a gentle loving touch
A simple gesture can mean so much,
It shows genuinely that you care
costing you nothing to simply share.

Give the gift of an attentive ear
So they can talk of hopes and fears,
Listen carefully to the words they say
For it may help brighten a difficult day.

Give the gift of words thoughtful and kind
To help soothe someone’s troubled mind,
Pick them carefully for they have such power
Plant a kind thought and watch it flower.

Give the gift of positive, encouraging thoughts
Be there for when your help is sought,
Send them asking nothing in return for you
Because this is the truly selfless thing to do.

Give the gift of support to those in need
Through the act of undertaking good deeds,
Roll up your sleeves and simply get stuck in
For great comfort, simple acts can bring.

Give the gift of your time to others
Be they strangers, friends, sisters or brothers,
This costs us nothing but can mean so much
As others hearts and souls we so deeply touch.


Blessed are those who always try and help others
and think of humankind as sisters and brothers.
We are after all one great universal family
and if only everyone could stop and try to see,
that when we hurt others with bullet or stone
we only end up hurting one of our very own.
So sheath your sword and hold your tongue
send thoughts of love, don’t do deeds so wrong.
The bright light of Truth surely bathes us all
if only we could stop awhile and listen to its call,
Turn our thoughts from anger, envy and greed
instead share good work with those who in need.
Where there is conflict let us try to help mediate
try and bring love where there is conflict and hate.
Let us reach out in friendship to all humankind
join with those within the world who are of like mind.
So that this world may hopefully someday live in harmony
people thinking the word ‘us’ instead of ‘them’ and ‘me.’


Our Spirit friends help heal the Body, Spirit and the Mind
so that peace and tranquillity all Spirits shall truly find.
But at times a Spirit must suffer so that they may grow
to learn the lessons which are important for them to know.
It is then that the healing balms may be unable to reach
because the suffering will have an important lesson to teach.
Those afflicted must learn whatever it is they must
for this is God’s Natural Law and in it we must trust.
But sometimes suffering is inflicted for reasons unknown
when no seeds of knowledge, by Spirit have been sown.
One Spirit inflicts on another much suffering and pain
for their own selfish reasons or some personal gain.
Here the healing balms reach out and seek to cure
the mental and physical scars, of that please be sure.
Sometimes a Spirit needs to know what it’s like to be ill
for a period of time to have sorrow and anguish, until
the lesson they needed to learn has been finally taught,
and then for certain the healing balms can be sought.
They shall cease to suffer from the sadness and pain
but will help others with the wisdom they were able to gain.
Healing power is given to each and everyone, not the few
but we must gain knowledge of what we should do.
For healing can be done in so many different ways
once you have the power to heal, with you it stays.
Seek out the knowledge and share it with one and all
work with your guides, so you may answer God’s call.


Dear friend the time has come I think you know
when you must leave this world behind and go,
to the Spirit world which lies so close by,
remember the good times we shared you and I.
When you, as a Spirit finally reach the other side
there will be no place where you can run and hide,
from the deeds you did, the words you said
these will not be changeable once you are dead.

Your Spirit will stand trial, have to stand in the dock
where it will have time to reflect and take stock.
The prosecution will lay before the court their case
of how, within your physical existence you did waste,
many of the opportunities which were given to you
because you always thought you had better things to do.

The defence will reason that you always tried your best
to help family, friends, colleagues and all the rest.
How you wanted to help those who happened to be in need
also the times when you performed many a good deed.
Both counsels will present their final argument before the jury
rest assured, God will see they have the full and frank story.

The jury will then retire and consider their verdict on you
you must sit and wait, there is no more for you to do.
The verdict will come in and you must rise and wait
a moment or two to see how they’ve decided your fate.
Then the judge shall speak and pass his sentence upon you
then you discover what atonement you will have to do.

But before you pass over dear friend I feel I must say
remember these words as you face judgement day.
The court you face will not be some court of law
but before it stands each Spirit, of that be sure.
Your counsel shall not be strangers but someone you know
the truth about your life they will certainly tell.
The judge and jury will not be made up of your peers
for they could never know of all your hopes and fears.
Your defence will be the good you have often said to others
the prosecution is how you treated your sisters and brothers.
Your jury is the knowledge you gathered on this earthplane
The judge is the knowledge and wisdom you have gained.

With these final words I will bid you goodbye dear friend
and trust you are now ready to reach this life’s end.
As you reflect on this life you have just passed through
remember the only person who can judge you, is you.


We walk the pathway of life with you by our side
our inner thoughts, from you we cannot hide.
The Spirit within us contains a fragment of you
and that fragment will always be pure and true.
For you are perfect Truth, Knowledge and Love
we can only ascend slowly, to your realms above.
But the greater part of our Spirit is ours alone
we choose our pathway from those we are shown.
Some may choose the pathway dismal and dark
where bitterness and hatred leave an indelible mark.
Others will choose the pathway hopeful and light
where love and truth are always shining bright.
Your Natural Laws govern the world we are in
as we live our lives we must remember one thing,
each deed we do is the cause and it has an effect
and one day will surely have to stop and reflect,
on where our Spirit is at and how far it has come
in seeking higher realms much work still to be done.


Stop and please look at yourself my son
reflect on the deeds which you have done.
Try to atone for what you have done wrong
so your Spirit may progress and become strong.

The pathway to Truth may be long and hard
sometimes you may find your way is barred.
But nevertheless persevere and continue on
so your Spirit may progress and become strong.

Many obstacles may be placed in your way
people may often try to lead you astray.
But stay on the pathway straight and long
so your Spirit may progress and become strong.

By the side of the path you will find people in need
please stop awhile and try and do them a good deed.
Try to find out and then sort what is wrong
so your Spirit may progress and become strong.

Others may seek to cause you suffering or pain
for their own desire, greed or selfish gain.
But send thoughts of love and hold your tongue
so your Spirit may progress and become strong.

Try to live your life in truth and pure love
so when you join your family in this world above,
You will see the light of Truth has clearly shone
your Spirit will have progressed and become strong.


The dying child lies peaceful upon the bed,
family gather and many tears are shed.
I gently hold her tiny hand gently in mine
and whisper softly how all will be fine.
I tell her not to worry, to have no fear
as the time of her death draws ever near,
I ask her to welcome death as a friend
soft I whisper, “For you this is not the end.”
Her serene eyes slowly begin to glisten
with tears of hope & peace, as she listens
to how her new life is almost about to begin
where her Spirit soars high and angels sing.
I step back as the time of death draws near,
for it is time for the family gathered here.
Her frail body weakly draws its final breath,
passing through the veil serenely, into death.
Eyes once pained now look at peaceful rest,
a body that suffered in life, in death is blessed.
I watch as her Spirit leaves hr body behind
to start her next journey, a new home to find.
As one part of her life ends another begins
and whilst I grieve, part of my heart sings.
In time I will share this with her family
and hope they will be comforted like me.


I walk the path of life each second of the day
where it will lead me, I cannot always say.
But whatever happens Lord I know you are by my side
and you’ll always listen when in you I confide.
You are there we me Lord each and every step I take
through every choice in life I shall have to make.
Sometimes I feel alone and think you’re not there
I feel there is no-one with who my problems I can share.
But deep down I know that you are always close by
and listening carefully to every word, thought or sigh.
All around me people claim that you certainly don’t exist
it is as though they can’t see you through the darkening mist,
of their misunderstanding or inability to really feel
the love that flows as you try to soothe and to heal.
When disaster strikes we often curse you and ask why,
you can let those people suffer as you appear to sit idly by.
But I have strength Lord to talk to them and show
the glory of your work and the bright loving glow,
of your light of love and truth as it shines ever bright
like a beacon bringing comfort in the depths of the night.


The Way of us in Spirit is to assist those who ask
for our help in fulfilling a spiritual, or loving task.
A helping hand we will show whenever it is sought;
if you wish to learn, we will ensure you are taught.
We will help you in the way which is best for you,
if showing the way of Spirit is what you seek to do.
Be patient and try to work at a steady and even pace,
for in the work you do there are many hurdles to face.

The Truth about our work is what we seek to teach
all Spirit, wherever they are, we always aim to reach.
Work always with truth in your mind, body and heart;
it is an essence from which you must never part.
Truth sums up all we stand for, in one simple word
share it with all you meet, let it fly like a bird.