As you rise at the break of dawn
let smiles replace your sleepy yawns,
for the quiet peace of a restful night
is broken by the rising sun so bright.

Greet the day with gentle hug and kiss
precious moments not to be missed,
before facing the challenges of the day
there for one another come what may.

Work beckons it’s time to both head out
as you leave ‘I love you’ quickly shout,
turning different ways out of the gate
rushing so you don’t arrive too late.

Facing so many hours spent far apart
yet always close deep in your hearts,
distance means nothing, it’s just miles
your mind’s eyes recall loving smiles.

Your mobile phones may suddenly ping
hearts skipping a beat silently they sing,
a short message which means so much
as heartstrings are tugged and touched.

Work over it’s time to meet up again
heading home through sun, snow or rain,
as the sun begins to set come end of day
share everything that has come your way.

A few precious hours of time to share
showing each other how deeply you care,
the little things meaning so very much
gentle words or a simple loving touch.

Weary bodies signal it’s time for bed
pillows gently call your sleepy heads,
the moon creeps across the night sky
as peacefully together asleep you lie.


The way you sometimes slyly laugh at me
when I'm sat where you think I can't see.
How your mouth twitches when you smile
and for me you would walk mile upon mile.
How your eyes twinkle and sparkle each day
the soothing and loving words you so often say.
Your gentle demonstrations of love toward me
that makes my heart soar high and sets it free.
You thinking about me when we are far apart
the way you've showed kindness from the start
The non-judgemental attitude you have shown
how far my heart and senses you have blown.
The depths to which I know your feelings go
even if sometimes they are hidden from show.
These are some of the things I love about you
and I thought it so important that you knew.


I asked the Gods if they would kindly send to me,
a fair maiden with an inner beauty few could see.
I wanted her smile to light up her pretty face,
she would look beautiful in denim or sexy lace.
I prayed she would have a twinkle in her eyes,
someone to always miss when we said goodbye.
I wanted her touch to be so gentle on my skin,
a woman to make my heart jump and to sing.
I requested that she have an independent streak,
for I didn't want someone all mild and meek.
I begged that her nature could be oh so kind,
she should always be able to speak her mind.
I urged she would be there in good times or bad,
to laugh when we're happy and to cry when sad.
I asked that she be willing to slowly fall in love,
and to rejoice in this precious gift from above.
I most of all wanted her to always be herself,
to know love is more valuable than wealth.
I asked from the Gods of Love so very much,
they have truly blessed me with their touch.
You my dear love were sent to be with me,
with you they have said I shall always be.


When a Man Loves a Woman he is smitten,
this the goddesses of love have truly written.
I truly know that Nothing Compares to You,
I Will Always Love You our hearts are true.
It Tears Me Up if you're not here with me,
our living together is certainly meant to be.
I want to give you a precious Band of Gold,
for each of us to say I Will and softly be told,
that we shall be together for now and eternity,
I will always be here for you If You Need Me.
At night I want us to Move Closer in my bed,
cuddled up close, no words needing to be said.
You are in Every Beat of My Heart its so true,
I Can't Help Myself I am deep in love with you.
I want to dance with you and give you a twirl,
to shout out to the world – Katrina's My Girl.
Over the years I’ve been sad and like Mr Blue,
but Cupid shot arrows of love into me and you
and I thank that invisible force from up above,
that we are sailing together on a Sea of Love
and when you decide on your husband to be
Please Please Please I truly ask Let It Be Me.