General Poems


Thank you nana for looking after us
all the treats and the lovely fuss,
we will miss you so very much
promise us you will keep in touch.

You’re the best nana that there is
our fun times we will surely miss,
you helped lift us from our gloom
when you give us both a groom.

Mummy and daddy are back with us
oh boy they are making such a fuss,
but we still miss our nana dear
we won’t forget you have no fear.

Now we know you we won’t be shy
we’ll say a proper hello and goodbye,
we won’t hide in secret places anymore
but come and greet you at the door.

Do come again sometime real soon
cause we’d be really over the moon,
mummy and daddy are real good to us
but we’ve really loved our nana fuss.

You were really good like our mummy
and didn’t go for Treacle’s tummy,
he knows daddy has to do it
but he doesn’t like it one bit.

You gave us so many lovely treats
as a nana you simply can’t be beat,
you rise far above all the rest
we both think you’re the best.

Bye bye till we see you once more
we can’t wait that’s for sure,
thanks again for the fuss and fun
your loving granddaughter and grandson.

Treacle & Liquorice


Here I sit all alone
listening to the silent phone,
no-one calls to say howdy do
or bother to ask – how are you?

Surrounded by the silent walls
no texts hello, no friendly calls,
now and again I check my mail
my inbox is empty without fail.

Laughter echoes from next door
people having fun once more,
whilst I’m in the company of one
as told in many a lonely song.

But I shall continue to be brave
to loneliness I will never cave,
for inner strength I shall find
despite out of sight, out of mind.


When grief prepares to strike its heavy blow
it comes time to reconcile with those you know,
strength will be needed from without and within
know now is the time to pick up a phone and ring.

No matter what happened in years gone before
now it’s a time for families to unite for sure,
everyone needs to find the opportunity to talk
by text, phone or getting together for a walk.

Arguments can happen throughout the years
they can lead to disharmony, upset and tears,
sometimes brothers go their separate ways
No longer sharing the bond of past days.

The brother relationship can be hardest of all
not sharing emotions for help they won’t call,
they don’t take time to even pick up the phone
Then too late realise too much time has flown.

Another’s illness can help to focus the mind
time starts to become so short they find,
as a much loved brother lies upon his sick bed
time is right to reflect on words once said.

Brothers must now try to come together again
to help each other deal with the emotional pain,
it won’t be easy to put the past troubles behind
but courage deep within the brothers must find.

One of the greatest gifts is to have a brother
It’s a relationship which is like no other,
no matter what happens the bond is there
for a rich history has been theirs to share.

We do not know when it will become time
for the ticking clock of earthly life to chime,
for our brother sadly leave this earthly shore
to return to our God’s safe keeping once more.

But what of two brothers who are left behind
will they search deep within them to surely find,
courage and strength deep within their hearts
to forgive the past as a new future they start.

Grief is perhaps the hardest emotion of all
when it strikes us it’s to our family we call,
please try to not let the past get in the way,
of the supportive words brothers need to say.

Brothers share a blood link which is so strong
it binds them even when things may go wrong,
as grief strikes I urge you unite together again
support one another through this intense pain.

At this difficult time find strength in one another
reignite that bond you have as loving brothers,
know the speck of deep, loving and forgiving light
will grow again and envelop you as it burns bright.


I sit alone in an empty room
sun shining but I feel gloom,
looking at people passing by
but they do not see me cry.

Silence hangs like heavy mist
enveloping me like a fist,
leaving me unable to see
any joy or love around me.

I smile at those all around
try to make the right sounds,
so they cannot really see
what’s going on within me.

Holding tightly to my mask
is such a very difficult task,
but I must not let it slip
so bury my head and kip.

I’m an iceberg drifting along
weak although appearing strong
much goes on deep within me,
if only you’d take time to see.

So instead of just walking by
why oh why can’t you try,
to take a little time to care
and allow me to try to share.

Words won’t flow that’s for sure
there is no simple easy cure,
but listen actively and well
as my fears and worries I tell.

My illness cannot be easily seen
but I feel it deeply and keen,
please don’t shun or ignore me
be there when I need you to be.


Each of us makes a difference when we care
for every time, part of ourselves we share
as we go about each and every deed
we lift the hopes of someone in need.

GPs and doctors practicing everywhere
endeavour daily to ensure they care,
testing and diagnosing what is wrong
taking action to make patients strong.

Nurses at bedsides or in homes each day
striving for patients come what may,
taking time out to convey so much
by reassuring words or simple touch.

Care assistants are the eyes and ears
sharing laughter, but also the tears,
tending to the person’s every need
caring and supporting with every deed.

Students learn skills to help them care
it must be nurtured so they’ll share,
let each of us teach them the right way
so they can become leaders one day.

OT’s and physio’s work with young and old
their hard work often left unknown, untold
patient independence their overarching aim
always hoping to get them home once again.

Volunteers in places across this land
reaching out with a helping hand,
supporting others in many different ways
touching lives each and every day.
For some a care home is the place to go
with carers stood ready to clearly show,
how life can still have much joy to give
as among new friends they will now live.

There are other unknown people out there
who day in day out, for loved ones care,
assisting with their everyday needs
sharing loving words and caring deeds.

There are millions of others each day
who show care in a myriad of ways,
it may be for a stranger or a friend
but giving is what matters in the end.

What a difference it can surely make
whenever we give rather than take,
it’s an act that can mean so much
and so many lives can surely touch.

But one simple truth runs through
each caring act each of us may do,
it helps someone in some small way
so let’s make a difference, every day